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Building is our passion

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As a general contractor from Krakow, with extensive experience in the construction industry, we are open to cooperation in the implementation of construction investments throughout Poland. In our offer you will find many variants of cooperation, with the possibility of choosing the most beneficial one for your planned investment. We operate in both the private and public sectors. Our specialty is cubature, industrial and infrastructural construction.


As part of cooperation, we provide:

  • comprehensive consultancy in the field of investment planning

  • cooperation with an experienced team of engineers, constructors and builders

  • erecting structures and buildings from the highest quality materials

  • construction schedule tailored to the individual needs of investors and developers

  • performance of all construction activities in accordance with applicable legal regulations and other necessary requirements

  • punctuality


We provide comprehensive customer service at every stage of cooperation. For your convenience, we provide a group of specialized experts who will answer all questions regarding the implementation of the investment.

Commercial construction

Commercial construction is all buildings that are used for business purposes and therefore are not residential. The most characteristic commercial buildings are space for offices, retail and service outlets or warehouses.

Our company is involved in many projects related to the implementation of commercial construction.



KRAK-INZ Engineering comprehensively implements engineering facilities. We are an ambitious and dynamic team, and many years of experience, professional staff and equipment, as well as care for the high quality of services provided at every stage of investment implementation, guarantee timely and responsive execution of entrusted projects.

We carry out works for private and public customers as well as general contractors.

We cooperate with the best designers, producers and suppliers of materials, which allows us to implement even the most complex and sophisticated projects, while providing innovative and extraordinary solutions. The confirmation of our experience in the implementation of investments is a number of completed sentences.




We create functional housing estates on a general contracting and subcontracting basis. We provide comprehensive advice and look for innovative solutions.

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Who we are

About our company

We are professionals
Using nearly 10 years of industry experience of the Management Board and cooperating with the best, we build joint success. In our activity, we focus on comprehensive services for projects in the field of reinforced concrete works on bridges, cubature and engineering structures. Thanks to the acquired qualifications and selected engineering staff, we are ready to undertake even the most difficult projects.

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Sebastian Zlocinski

 Chairman of the Board KRAK-INZ

Our services

We carry out works for private and public investors, as a general contractor and subcontractor

As a contractor from Krakow, we specialize in providing professional and comprehensive construction services for both private sector investors and state administration units. We implement projects in the field of residential, industrial and infrastructure construction.

Commercial Construction & Housing

Infrastructure construction

Design Services

Construction management

Specialized construction

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